As Karnataka's Bidar district has been ravaged by incessant rains, many areas of the district are inundated. 


As is usual in India, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah later showed up to perform an aerial survey of the region to take stock of the floods. It was during this aerial tour, in a helicopter, that a major security breach was discovered. 


As the CM boarded the chopper, a person who was designated as a 'photographer' also boarded. Much to the shock of the CM's security staff, it was later realised that the man was devoid of any authorization letter of any kind. Protocol officers passed him along to the chopper merely by noting that he was a 'photographer'. 


If the security staff was a little relaxed, it was perhaps because CM Siddaramaiah and Revenue Minister Kagodu Thimmappa arrived in a special chopper that landed at the Indian Air Force Training Centre in Bidar. The Training centre is a sensitive zone, and even cameras and the general public are barred from the area. 


Presumably security staff felt anyone who was present there probably was allowed to be there. 


The lapse was discovered once the chopper landed, after the survey. 


The 'photographer' was reportedly a correspondent of a private Urdu Channel, Gavi Siddappa. But the Assistant Information Officer of Information Department said that the department had no such information about him.

Ishwar Khandre, Minister for Municipalities and Local Bodies, who also happens to be the Bidar district in-charge said orders had been issued to take disciplinary action given the lapse.