Karnataka's media had telecasted programmes and had said that the actor Yash was in the US while Karnataka was fighting for Cauvery issue. Angered by this insinuation, Yash has challenged the media to air farmer-based programmes during prime time.


“If media telecasts farmer-based programmes in prime time, I will participate in it for free,” said Yash.


“It is not a right attitude to drag the name of people with public popularity during protests. It is not fair that people become pro-farmers just by talking about them and taking part in protests. Our work does not stop with protest or shouting slogans. Welfare of farmers is a continuous process. Their problems should be addressed properly,” Yash said.


During the Cauvery protests in Karnataka against releasing water to Tamil Nadu, Yash was in Norway shooting for his film Santu Straight Forward. He had posted a video on his Facebook page asking people not to destroy public property and to maintain peace.


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