‘Bulls cannot be hurt’ is the golden rule of Jallikattu, but who follows it?

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  • There are eight golden rules to conduct Jallikattu
  • The entire state has joined hands to protest against ban on the sport
  • Below are the rules of Jallikattu, do you follow them?


Tamil Nadu is an agriculture-based land; cows and buffaloes are the vital part of every Tamil family, at least living in the rural areas. Why would the people who consider the bull as a family member, push the bull for a fighting?


There are rules which guide the game. But in recent years, it is looked upon as a means for entertainment and a sport. There are complaints of people hurting the animal by pulling its tail, many people attacking the bull at a time, hanging from its horns.


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What are the real rules of Jallikattu then?



Going by the rules, the Supreme Court need not ban the sport at all because there is no injuring or hurting involved. But the question is, who is following these rules?