Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is taking the campaign against Kannur murders to West Bengal, as part of its plan to use it as a political tool against the Communist party at the national level. The first RSS rally against what it terms the murder spree of the CPM in Kannur, would be held on 4 March in Kolkata.


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The RSS has started distributing leaflets against CPM blaming it for turning Kannur into a murder fields. Besides the BJP-RSS workers, the CPM is targeting Congress and Muslim League activists. The leftist parties CPI and RSP are also victims of CPM's murder politics, the pamphlet alleges. 


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The soil of Kannur is wet with the blood of RSS-BJP workers who were killed most brutally by the CPM and the tears of mothers, wives and children of those who lost their dear ones, the campaign highlights. 

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The Sangh Parivar had recently floated a politically neutral platform against 'Marxist violence' in Kerala. The RSS campaign in Kolkata is using the documents released by this organisation. 


Kolkata campaign will be followed by a national campaign against the CPM, reports quoting RSS leaders said.

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Kannur, infamous for political murders, saw a spurt in the violence between the CPM and BJP after the  Left Democratic Front, led by the CPM assumed power in Kerala in May 2016. The Sangh Parivar organisations had taken out protest marches in New Delhi against the CPM after its worker was hacked to death in Kannur when it was hosting Kerala State School Kalolsavam, Asia's biggest arts festival recently.