Amidst rumours that black money worth  ₹ 200 crores flowed into Kochi, the financial capital of Kerala, after demonetization, the central agencies have been put on high alert in the port town. Central Excise and Customs Department has started inspection across the city and real estate firms, jewellers, private financial institutions and industrial areas are under the scanner. 


The central agencies have noticed an unprecedented flow of black money in Kerala after the currency ban came into force on 8 November. 


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Just a few days after the new currency of ₹2,000 reached the banks, the police recovered bills of ₹2,000 to the tune of ₹8 lakhs were recovered from a beedi dealer in Aluva, giving rise to the suspicion that the new currency might have leaked before it reached the banks.  


The central agencies have issued directives to the banks to keep a strict watch on those who visit banks to exchange old bills. Security has been beefed up for cash chests in Kerala where new currency notes are kept.  

The suspicious surge in the sale of used vehicles in the state is also under the scrutiny of the enforcement agencies.