Weird items being sold for an unbelievable price at famous auction houses like Christie's or Sotheby's seldom make headlines now. But competitive sales, a common practice in some part of Kerala during festivals, often go unnoticed. What makes these local auctions so special is that things that go under the hammer will have nothing exotic about them.


During a local festival auction at Koothattukulam, a small town in Ernakulam in Kerala, an ordinary rooster was sold at ₹ 22,500 as the participants raised the price to ridiculous level in a spirited bidding.  


The auction began at ₹50 for the cock, and as each phase progressed, the excitement touched new heights and at the end of a nail-biting bidding, Sanoop Balakrishnan, a videographer walked away with the bird for ₹ 22,500!


The festival auction event was organised by Evershine Arts and Sports Club at Koothattukulam in Ernakulam district. Such auctions are not new to the place, and the clubs in the locality conduct similar events to raise funds during Onam, the organisers said.