Ram Gopal Varma has an unpleasant practice. Often he announces the title of his movie but forgets to shoot the movie. Now he has turned his focus on the life of the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa, and announced the title of his new movie as Shashikala.


Earlier he had announced many titles like ‘South’, ‘Rai’, ‘Bruce Lee’, ‘Nuclear’, ‘Savitri’ etc. but none of them were converted to the silver screen. Now only RGV knows the fate of Shashikala.


RGV, the permanent address of controversies, has trained his eyes on Kollywood. For a long time, most of movies reflected theme of the Mumbai Underworld and the Rakta Charita of Andhra Pradesh, but now he has turned towards the original Dravida. RGV will be getting down into the murky and mysterious life Tamil Nadu politicians with a story based on the life of Jayalalithaa.


In his tweet he has said:<


Previously he had announced that after Vangaveeti he was going to make a global movie by name ‘Nuclear’. Before this he had said that he’ll make a movie ‘South’ with the star cast of Shivarajkumar. But before making ‘South’ he took up ‘Rai’. He’s been on a project jumping spree or probably he likes to shoot his films simultaneously.


Recently, extortionist and gangster Nayeem or Mohammed Nayeemuddin of Andhra Pradesh died in an encounter. Inspired by his death, RGV announced that he’ll make a movie on him. His movie ‘Bruce Lee’ is just limited to a teaser as of now. He had released the poster of ‘Savitri’; afterwards he changed the name to Sridevi dedicated to his favourite actress. And all these announcements were made by him only on twitter.


But no one knows when the previously announced movies are going to be released. Even the producers of the movie have no hint about that.


Sources from the Telugu film industry say that presently RGV is busy in making Sarkar 3. Now working under that busy schedule, he has announced Shashikala.


This announcement may come true or may not come true. But one thing can be predicted about this unpredictable director. He never loses interest in making movies around sensational and notorious characters.