Hurt by the humiliating defeat in Manipur elections, Irom Chanu Sharmila, who led an epic struggle against Armed Forces (Special Powers) Acts ( AFSPA), is planning a  sabbatical, perhaps a long one. And she is coming to Kerala to spend some time in peace, solitude and meditation. 


"People (of Manipur) did not believe me. I will quit politics and go on month long solitude to Kerala," said Sharmila, who was once called the Iron Lady of Manipur, after the election results.


Sharmila is planning to spend some time in a Christian monastery in Kerala to come to terms with the rejection by her people for whom she fasted for 16 years. 


 “I feel betrayed. But it is not the people’s fault. They are just innocent people," She told The Indian Express. Pitted against Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh, Sharmila managed to win only 90 votes, much lower than NOTA, in the Assembly Elections in Manipur-2017.  


Now, Sharmila is spending her days with children of HIV-affected Children in an orphanage run by Malayalee nun Sister Pauline. But she wants to say goodbye to the children in the orphanage and move to Kerala for a month, if not more.  She said she would leave politics but would continue her struggle against AFSPA.