As the shadow of severe drought looms large over Kerala, people are looking for methods to recharge ground water. Open well recharge is a very effective method that will not only help refill your well, but also to maintain the quality of water

This method is a kind of rainwater harvesting. Well recharging is a step by step process and it will take two years to increase the quality of water. By the fourth year, the well will be able to withstand the worst drought. 

The first step is to dig an open well. The next step is to identify natural drainage flow channels or to fix the panels to reroute rainwater collected on roof tops in the catchment area. Water must be filtered before it reaches the catchment area which is to be kept clean. 

Water so collected is passed to a pit dug near the well. The pit will be fixed with concrete rings at the lowest part and the upper half will be filled with layers of rock sand and coal. The pit must be secured with a concrete cover. 


The water will get purified as it passes through the layers. The purified water will be collected at the bottom of the wall and it has to be passed through a pipe to open well. The pipe will have a nylon net attached to its end to get rid of any small particles. 

This is one of the most effective methods of well recharging and will cost between 8000 to ₹ 12, 000 depending on the diameter and depth of the pit.