The Joint Chief Controller of Explosives has found the district administration and the Kerala government responsible for the Puttingal temple fire tragedy that killed more than 109 person. The report states that the incident occurred due to a lack of coordination between the district administration and temple authorities. 

Though temple authorities had approached the administration seeking permission to conduct a fireworks display, the officers delayed the decision and denied permission only on 8 April, just a day before the accident. However, by then temple authorities had already made their preparations, so went ahead with the show, the report says. 

However, even though permission was denied, neither the district administration nor the police took any measures to ensure that the firework competition would not held, though they were clearly aware that the temple authorities had plans to conduct the event. 

The report also alleged that the district administration practically stood with temple authorities, violating the law in the name of tradition. 

The fireworks accident at Puttingal Devi Temple in Kollam happened during the temple festival, where a firework competition was conducted despite a ban from authorities. A spark from the firework display fell on a storehouse full of firecrackers, triggering a massive explosion. 

The crime branch, which conducted an investigation into the incident, found temple authorities and fireworks contractors guilty and booked a case against 43 persons.