Kerala police is planning to re-investigate into a two-year-old robbery in Pala, in which Pulsar Suni, the prime accused in actress abduction case, was named seventh accused. Fresh probe aims to unearth the role of Suni in the case.

The police have requested the court to suspend the trial in the case till the re - investigation is completed. Sunny was named seventh accused in the case, but will be now named prime accused. Jaismon aka Alotti, who was earlier named as sixth accused, will be arraigned as second accused.

Jaismon, a notorious gang leader in Kottayam is in jail as he was arrested in connection with a gang war and charges under an Anti-Social Activities Prevention Act (KAPA).

The gold manufacturer, hailing from Thrissur, was returning home after supplying gold ornaments to jewellery outlets in Pala. The seven-member gang blocked the bus in which the complainant was travelling and robbed ₹6 lakh from him. Notes worth ₹2 lakh was found scattered in the bus. 

Suni and Jaismon divided ₹3 lakh among them and gave ₹1 lakh to another member of the gang. Investigations had found that two members of the jewellery outlet were also involved in the crime. 

Investigation team got vital evidence to prove that Suni was the mastermind behind the theft. He went to Pala on a motorcycle stolen from Thrissur and conspired with Jaismon and other gang members to conduct the robbery. It was the members of jewellery outlet who gave information about the gold manufacturer.