National Green Tribunal (NGT) is all set to hear the dispute regarding the proposed steel flyover and the hopes of Steel flyover beda lies on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and public consultation. However, according to the authority that will conduct the EIA stated that only public opposition would not render this ₹1,791 crore project unsuitable. 


Deccan Chronicle reported that according to sources Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) will be filing an affidavit stating that for the construction of the flyover an EIA is not needed. If the tribunal rejects the plea then EIA will be conducted by State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA).  


About the process of EIA, a senior official of SEIAA, was quoted as saying, "According to the Environmental Impact Assessment Notification 2006, all projects are divided into 2 categories - A and B."


The category A project falls under the central government and category B projects are under SEIAA.


"Category B is subdivided into B1 - which needs EIA and B2 which does not need it. First BDA should fill an online application with pre-feasibility project report, which after preliminary scrutiny will be placed before expert appraisal committee,” added the official on the condition of anonymity. 


Details of the project under scrutiny are collected in the first two steps which committee can give to the environmental consultant for analysing. Then, the consultant files his report to the appraisal committee that sends the same to BDA.


The BDA then conducts a "public consultation under district commissioner by giving a 30-day notice," the SEIAA official said. 


“Mere opposition by the public at the hearing may not stop the project. The committee will also consider facts and evidence.” The official also commented that if BDA is able to address all material environmental concerns expressed at the public hearing, then there is a high possibility that the authority will grant the required environmental clearance.  


If BDA gets the clearance then this will be a big win for the state government that is keen to construct this 6.72 km long, 6-lane steel flyover that will connect Basaveshwara Circle and Hebbal to the international airport.