The former MP visited a city market on Friday, hoping to connect with the public, that she seems to have presumed were simmering over the current currency crisis. However, the situation turned ugly when the crowd, which turned out to be more pro-Modi than she expected, started chanting slogans in the PM's name and making angry accusations against her. 

Merchants in the market accused her of not participating in the earlier protest for Cauvery water. The mob deamnded of her - "Where were you when our farmers were facing the shortage of Cauvery water? Now why have you come to listen to our grievances?" and started shouting slogans against her. 

Besides, several members of the mob began to chant pro-Modi slogans as well. 


Unable to keep calm, Ramya lost her own temper and entered into a heated debate with the mob - which is rarely a good idea. Ramya explained that she had fought in the Supreme Court for the cause of Cauvery.  "It was not your grandfather, it was me, who fought in the Supreme Court," she restored to one angry merchant. 


Responding to this with humour, the merchant said that none other than his grandfather had fought in the Court and G Madegowda, (President of the Mandya Zilla Raitha Hitarakshana Samithi) is the real grandfather of the district.

Ramya soon left the place in an autorickshaw before the situation become worse. The mob continued to shout slogans praising Modi even as she was leaving.  "What to say to these people who are praising Modi even if their daily life is in trouble? Modi has released ₹2000 notes but not ₹500 currencies. What is his hidden agenda?," Ramya stated to the media.