Police investigated a man who has found a new way to increase his height during the Sub Inspector (SI) test in Meerut. Ankit Kumar came up with the idea to increase his height in the SI selection. Ankit was 167 cm whereas for the test the height for selection is 168cm. To increase his by 1cm he decided to hide henna in his hair. 

But when it came to measuring his height in the device there was a gap seen between the iron plate and his skull.

This made the police suspicious about his height and when they checked what was hiding between his hair, they found out henna stuff to make him look taller. 

Ankit had combed his hair in a manner that wouldn't attract suspicion. However, he was unsuccessful in his endeavour.

He told the police that it would be heartbreaking to know that he didn't get the selection because of 1cm height difference. Ankit has allegedly written his exam very well. However, because he cheated in the physical round the police have registered a cheating case against Ankit.