The attack on three transgenders in the early hours of Saturday at Thrissur in Central Kerala has once again exposed the attitude of the police and authorities towards the sexual minorities despite the state being the first to adopt a policy for their welfare and security. 


When the victims of the police atrocity sought medical help, the doctors and staff of District Govt. Hospital allegedly denied treatment.

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Deepthi, Aleena and Ragaranjini were reportedly beaten up by police officers at KSRTC Bus Stand in Thrissur early morning on Saturday. The preliminary inquiry by Thrissur Assistant Commissioner of Police found that there was a grievous fault from the part of the police. The State Special Branch report also blamed the police for the incident. 

A protest march by Transgenders to the Thrissur East Police Station 


Outraged by the attack, transgender activists and activists of various civil society movements took out a march to Thrissur East Police Station on Saturday. They also filed a complaint against the doctors who allegedly denied treatment to the victims of the police attack. 


The transgender activists complained that a police team chased away and beat up the victims without any provocation while they were waiting for the bus. They suffered injuries all over their body. When they sought medical help, the doctors allegedly denied treatment. Ragaranjini was admitted to the hospital only when the activists intervened. 


But the hospital officials denied the allegations. The doctors did not find any serious injuries in the examination. So they were given medicines for pain, Hospital Superintendent told the media. 


Last year, Kerala Police came under severe criticism after a group of transgenders, who went to a police station in Ernakulam city to file a complaint were beaten up by the cops. In utter desperation, the transgender activists have warned of mass suicide to protest government's apathy and insensitivity of police. 

Paradoxically, atrocities against transgenders are on the rise in Kerala, the first state to adopt a transgender policy in India.