Use it, then plant it!

Yet another novel idea from Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) is all about eco-friendliness and sustainability. The company launched their 2017 calendar, an entirely biodegradable one made solely of plantable paper or seed paper. 

The table calendar is completely made of recycled and recyclable materials. Each page is embedded with seeds of wildflowers, vegetables or herbs. By the end of each month, you can tear the page of the previous month and plant it in your garden or a pot of soil. The seed embedded in the page will germinate and grow into plants while paper with the paper turning into compost. 

The idea is to turn completely handmade calendar into a wide variety of flora ensuring zero waste and human footprints. 

"Pages enclose a broad range of plants including sunflower, red amaranthus, tomato, etc. In a year you will get 12 different types of plants in your garden. This is one of the several environment-friendly initiatives of Kochi Metro," KMRL managing director Elias George said. 

The front page of calendar explains the process of planting of seed paper in detail. You will have to follow the instructions carefully and must provide sufficient care to each paper as if you are planting actual seeds. The calendar would completely degrade into soil by the end of December and by that time you will have 12 different plants in your garden. 


KMRL was keen about the design of the calendar as well. The pages contain an image of a green leaf which will remind you of the idea and to adhere to environment-friendly development strategy. 

"KMRL has always tried to ensure that Kochi is a futuristic and environmentally friendly city. Our initiatives always tried to provide something extra than modern infrastructure. This is a part of such initiatives," George said. 

As part of its green initiative, KMRL has planted several tree saplings on the roadsides in the city. The company is also planning to implement solar panels on the rooftops of Metro stations and depot building. Saplings of pepper vines and other popular spices will adorn the Metro Rail station at Edappally. KMRL also plans to set up vertical gardens along Metro Rail corridor. The company aims to convert every sixth pillar along the corridor into a vertical garden.