Kerala's Chief Minister designate Pinarayi Vijayan was all smiles on Tuesday when he met media persons at Thiruvananthapuram. He looked younger, in fact. 


After distributing sweets to media persons, he said, "Do you know what are these laddus for?" As everybody kept guessing, he broke the surprise. "Today is my birthday."


It was a real surprise for the journalists and a bit too confusing, as well. As per records,  the communist leader was born on  21 March 1944 at Pinarayi in Kannur as the son of a toddy tapper. 

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 Sensing the mood, Vijayan explained. "I had kept it a secret. You have asked my original date of birth many times before. As per records, it is 21 March 1944. But the actual date is 10 Edavom 1120 (Malayalam calender), that is 24 May 1945," he said. That makes him a year younger than everybody guessed. "But I am not going to correct the records. Let it remain so," Vijayan smiled. 

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