Slamming the Left government in Kerala for ushering in what it called ‘a jungle raj,’ the BJP alleged that the CPM, which leads the government, committed 300 crimes, including murders, in the first 100 days in power.


BJP state president Kummanam Rajasekharan said that the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government, which completed 100 days in power on Thursday, was a complete failure.

    The LDF is raking up unnecessary controversies to deviate the attention of the people from the utter failure of the new government. It is too early to judge a government in just hundred days. But these days indicate where things are headed for, the BJP leader said.


The LDF is yet to do anything constructive. The ministers are trying to deviate people's attention by creating unnecessary controversies like women's entry at Sabarimala, the lighting of lamps and ban on Onam celebration at government offices during working hours, he said. 


The BJP state president criticized the LDF govt. for failing to control price inflation of essential commodities. He also alleged that the infighting among the LDF constituents, especially, between the CPM and the CPM, is affecting the policies and functioning of the government. The CPM ministers are not cooperating with CPI ministers, Rajashekharan alleged. 

The BJP state president on  100 days of LDF rule in  Kerala.

  • In the last 100 days CPM committed as many as 300 crimes including murder
  • Officers, who do not favor the government, are transferred to distant places
  • CPM is implementing law of the jungle in the state

 The CPM committed 300 crimes including murders.  Police officers who tried to arrest accused CPM workers were targeted by the government and faced departmental action, he said.


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    The CPM leaders openly challenged rule of law and publicly preached violence and revenge while the Chief Minister maintained a studied silence on those calls to break the law. The CPM has brought in the law of the jungle in Kerala, BJP state president stated.