Demonetisation has affected the people of India and as well as the economy of the nation. It seems the wedding industry has taken the worst hit after demonetisation and it is not a good sign. Parents in Hyderabad are cancelling the weddings of the children, thanks to the ban on the old currency.  


An industry which is worth almost ₹ 1 lakh crore is crawling even in the wedding season. The people associated with this industry are worried enough as they are mostly out of business in Hyderabad especially.


An owner of a sound company which rents out musical instruments during the wedding season has already incurred a loss of ₹40,000 this year. Nitesh G, who is the owner of the sound company, has stated that if this situation does not improve, he will run out of business.  


Wedding planners in Hyderabad are also worried about their business. N Karan of KK Events said that he does not have money to pay his employees. Parents who were supposed to hold big-fat weddings are backing off because of the lack of short currency notes. On top of that RBI has set a specified withdrawal limits which is creating further issues in life of normal people in India.