Nearly half the liquor outlets, including five-star bars in the state, will have to be shut down once the recent Supreme Court order banning liquor shops within 500 metres of state and national Highway is implemented. The report filed by State Law Secretary informed government that majority bars and wine parlours in the state will have to be closed down from April 1. 

The report filed by Law Secretary also states that the move will result in immense revenue loss to the state exchequer. The order will also have an impact on toddy shops in the state as it comes under the definition of liquor under Abkari Act. Maximum permissible alcohol content in beer is 6% while in Toddy it can go upto 8.1% and hence it comes under the purview of liquor. Government sources pointed out that beer and wine are considered alcohol under the Act. 

Of the 4250 toddy shops in the state more than half functions along the National or state highways. Five of the 20 five-star hotels and over 350 beer parlours operating in the state are either besides the state or National Highway. 

Though outlets of Beverages Corporation can be shifted to other places without much loss, it won't be possible for private beer and wine parlours who have invested huge amount in infrastructure.