The Open House organised by Indian Consulate at Jeddah to create awareness on changes in the passport rules among expatriate Indians regarding passport has been a big success. Thousands participated in the programme even from the remote parts of Jeddah. 


The Consulate organised the Open House after the government brought many changes in passport rules. The programme was meant to help those expatriates who needed changes in their passport.   Voluntary and cultural organisations including KMCC, Navodaya, OICC and India Fraternity Forum actively participated and extended help to the expats. 


The Open House was also aimed at establishing a direct and one-to-one interaction with the Consul General and his team of Consuls. The officials briefed the participants on how to apply for changes in the passport. But those who attended the Open House with an aim to submit their complaints and applications were disappointed as it was only an awareness programme and not a grievance redressal session.