Kanchana Ganga, an 11-year-old orphan girl from the Karnataka Home Minister's district of Tumakuru, was seen begging for a school admission at bus shelters in the city for a week. 


Reportedly, Ganga was abandoned by a retired school teacher, named Indramma, a week ago. The girl, who spoke to Child Protection Unit Officers from Tumakuru, said that she was being mistreated and food was not given to her timely. At times, the girl said, the teacher would mix chilli powder with water and force Ganga to drink the mixture.


"The girl says that she was adopted from one of the ashrams in Tumakuru by Indramma. The retired teacher sent Ganga to a government school, but of-late the child was being harassed. It is said that Indramma became very angry after Ganga noticed a stranger leaving Indramma's house. After this incident, the girl was thrown out of the house," said Shivanna,  a Child Protection Unit Officer.


Narayanappa, a poor farmer from Turuvekere, saw Ganga in the bus shelter begging for a school admission. He took her to his home and cared for her. Child Protection Unit officers were informed about the plight of the girl. The officers arrived and took the girl with them.


"We have counselled her and conducted a medical examination. The girl is normal. Meanwhile, a case has been registered at a local police station, and a notice was sent to Indramma to appear before the District Child Welfare Committee to give an explanation as to why she ill-treated the child," said Vasanti Uppar, the District Child Welfare Officer.


The officer added that the child was being housed at the Bala Mandir and is being cared for. Her education will also be taken care of by the state.