Bittihotra Mohanty, son of former Odisha director general of police Bidya Bhushan Mohanty and a rape convict, will walk free in two months.

Mohanty, also known as Bitti, will walk free four years after his re-arrest after the Rajasthan High Court disposed of a parole jumping case against him.  His counsel Sarthak Nayak told Mirror, “The high court has disposed of the case of jumping parole. Out of the three months which is pending for jumping parole, he will undergo that sentence. He will be finally released on July 6 2017.”

In 2006, Bitty was pursuing an MBA degree in New Delhi where he met a 26-year-old German woman. She was here for a research assignment. The two fell in love and went to Rajasthan on a holiday. In Alwar, Bitti took her to a hotel, where he raped her.

Bitti, then 23, was convicted and was given a seven year prison sentence by a fast-track court in Jaipur in one of the fastest rape trials in the country. Seven months in, Bitty applied for a 15 day parole to visit his ailing grandmother in Cuttack. But Bitty jumped parole once he was out. Bitty, like a master criminal, gave the police a slip for seven years, living under different aliases and changing cities often.

However, police caught up with Bitti in 2013 and arrested him from Kannur, Kerala. Bitti was working as a probationary officer at a State Bank of India branch in Pazhayangadi. He landed in trouble when his colleagues grew suspicious of his identity after seeing his pictures on TV as a sex offender during the Nirbhaya case. They informed the police immediately.

Police said he has a fake passport, a driver's licence and even an MBA degree certificate from Kannur in the name of Raghav Rajan, hailing from Andhra Pradesh.

Rajasthan police took his custody from the Kannur police and brought him back to Alwar where he was in jail for four years. He has been given bail in the rape case.