The current crisis that India is in because of demonetisation, a number of fascinating stuff has been happening all over the nation. One of them being Bengaluru traffic cops are accepting shopping coupons as fines or bribes. That is something that none of us predicted in the past. It probably did not even appear in our wildest of dreams.


Unfortunately this is true. Given the situation, what would you have done? Hypothetically if one of you were a police man and you caught a miscreant and levied a fine. What if the miscreant did not have cash and had only shopping coupons like sodexo worth ₹50? Would you accept it?


Well currency ban has shown us varied pictures from all over the nation. One cannot really expect the traffic cops to keep change for ₹ 2,000 rupee notes. A fine worth ₹ 100 cannot really be paid if one has a new ₹ 2,000 rupee note. Therefore the traffic cops have been accepting shopping coupons.


We cannot really blame the cops. At times, they are not able to extract the exact amount of fine because the defaulters do not have that much of cash with them. This is not only a picture of Bengaluru. It has been happening in other parts of the country as well.


Not only the cops, many other emergency services like medicine shops, small grocery shops are also accepting shopping coupons during this crisis.