The incident came to the light when Usha a con doctor running a clinic in Mysuru was arrested with regard to child trafficking. Her associate Mohan, who works on a contract basis in KR Hospital was helping Usha get the children, most of the times newborns from various sources. Mohan also contacted women who were having babies out of illegal affairs and sold their babies to Usha.


Usha, hailing from Kerala is a nurse by profession. But she started a clinic ‘Naseem Medical centre’ in Mysuru claiming that she was a doctor.


Abdul Suban, a resident of the area had filed a complaint that Usha along with her husband Francis and associates ran a child trafficking racket.


One arrest led to the other and the police have arrested eight persons in this regard. Though eight children have been rescued, identity of the parents is yet to be found as the children were not adopted legally.


The police have got a lead that the children were trafficked to Dubai and the US and are trying to establish connections in those countries regarding the case.


Meanwhile, Usha and her associates are also accused of conducting sex determination tests illegally.


So far, the police have arrested Usha her husband Francis, nurses Usha, Srimathi and Mahesh working in private hospitals in the city, Mohan working on contract basis in KR Hospital, Venkatesh, driver cum associate. The police on Sunday arrested Madan Lal and are currently interrogating him.