Kerala Power Minister and senior CPM leader MM Mani has once again courted controversy, this time by personally insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


"He (Modi) said he even left his wife (for the country). Did someone ask him to desert his wife," Mani said at an election meeting in Malappuram on Thursday. "There must be some grave problem with him. That is why he left his wife," the minister said in a derogatory tone.

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"If I deserted my wife now, after 55 years of public life, what would you think about me? That means I have some biological problem," The CPM leader said, as party workers giggled. "He (Modi) has some grave problem," he added.


Mani also criticised PM's mother for standing in queue before a bank for Rs.2000 after demonetization of high value currencies in November last year. "There is no bigger fraud than this," the minister said.

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Known  widely as Maniyasan, the senior CPM leader from Idukki is infamous for provocative speeches in a highly local slang. His blabberings had put the CPM and the Left Democratic Front (LDF) in a difficult spot very often.  He created a flutter in the LDF recently by calling Communist Party of India (CPI) ministers in the Vijayan ministry fools.


Mani made headlines in India and abroad in 2012 by bragging that his party had killed political rivals by preparing a list in advance. The CPM would continue to do the same, he had stated then.  The speech, known as the '1-2-3 statement,' invited a criminal case. "We made a list of 13 people who worked against the party and made it public. One, two, three... We killed the first three of them. One was killed by the bullet; another one stabbed. The third one was beaten to death," he said, triggering a big controversy in the state.

Watch the video of the speech in Malayalam: