Home Minister G Parameshwara recently said the government is contemplating enacting a legislation to prevent misuse of social media and punish those indulging in such activities.


We could draw a conclusion that this need for a legislation was prompted by the offensive Facebook post. According to a report in the Deccan Herald, BJP’s Tara Anuradha in the Legislative Council, had complained that mischief makers are widely using social media platforms to defame others. In answer to the complaint, Parameshwara said this.


In addition, here’s what you need to know about this proposed legislation


  • A Social Media Monitoring and Technical Cell has been set up in all major cities in the state. It will be opened at all district headquarters in the coming days. 


  • Police personnel are being trained in handling such cases


Social networking sites have become an established part of everyday life for many people, and along with the popularity it has its pitfalls as well. In this case, the woman has been declared as habitual rumour monger.


But the alertness and the agility with which this case was handled surprises us since Bengaluru and the state on the whole has a lot of pending issues which could deal with effective legislations. Instead of monitoring what people write on social media, the government could do well if they actually saw the ground reality.


However, one can but also see the advantages from this legislation: abuse, scams and many lives could probably be saved once a cyber security cell like this is opened and with the police involved then maybe strict action can be taken against mischief makers.