In a strange incident, a minor boy was sexually assaulted by a 16-year-old girl in Kulhauli village of Kanpur district. The incident came to light when the boy started bleeding profusely from his genital area.


Reportedly, the girl forced the boy, who is from her neighbourhood, into his own house and forced him into having sex with her. In the attempt, the boy had also sustained serious injuries and was rushed to a Hallet hospital in Kanpur.


While the boy is undergoing treatment at the hospital, the police themselves found it difficult to come to terms with the incident.


The Senior Superintendent of Police Shalabh Mathur found it difficult to proceed with the investigation because both the victim and the assaulter are minors. The cops were confused as to under which sections of the IPC to lodge the case against the girl.


But India's top most legal experts say that a case can be lodged against the minor girl under the section 8 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.