Archaeological remains dating back to megalithic period was unearthed from Malappuram. The remains, dating back to over 2,000 years were found from a residential site while workers were digging up a road. 

Four small pots, in red and black colours, were found enclosed in a large burial urn called Nannangadi. The remains were found from the road near Cheriyamundam Government Higher Secondary School. The workers were digging the road for installing water pipeline. 

"These pots could throw light on the life of people in Kerala during the megalithic age.  It will help to know about the society that existed in ancient times. The area has several other articles belonging to Iron Age. So we are planning to conduct a survey in the area and to conduct an awareness campaign among people. Detailed research is likely to lead to more discoveries and to better understand the period to perform further studies on Iron Age," Calicut University History Department head P Srinivasan said. 

Umbrella stones (kudakkallu) and menhirs (nadukkallu) were discovered from the area. In ancient times people used to enclosed articles along with the body for the dead to use in his afterlife. The unearthed pots belong to such items.