One of the more amusing side effects of the Supreme Court verdict ordering the release of 6,000 cusecs of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu is the flood of opinions being shared by one and all. Even common folk and experts in fields totally unrelated to the dispute are expressing their displeasure towards the verdict. While the support for the Kannada cause is wholly welcome, one wonders how effective such opinions are. 


The Court verdict came one day after the Cauvery Supervisory Committee ordered Karnataka to release 3,000 cusecs of water. Fali Nariman, the advocate for Karnataka, tried to convince the Court that while Tamil Nadu's Mettur dam is full, Karnataka's KRS is almost drained. But the Court was not convinced by the arguments of Nariman.


However, Kannadigas now have a new champion - Markandey Katju, the eccentric but hugely popular, retired Supreme Court judge. 


Reacting to the verdict on social media. he tweeted a quote from a novel of Charles Dickens’. In his novel Oliver Twist, Dickens compared law to a donkey:



It is obvious by such a quote that Katju believes Karnataka has not received justice in the verdict.


But Katju went a step further. Tossing his hat wholeheartedly into the ring, Katju has also suggested that Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to appoint him to the joint committee of scientists specialised in the field of both the states (and also scientists of other states and abroad) to resolve the Cauvery water issue.


He does acknowledge that he is not a scientist but believes his services will be helpful nevertheless. 


Now just in case anyone imagined he was being influenced by the fabulous sums being paid to Nariman, in another tweet Katju honourably declared that he would solve the issue between the states 'pro bono', that is, he would not charge either state any money. 


If nothing else, it is a noble offer at least, whether or not he manages to solve anything. 


Here is the full version of his facebook post:



Earlier, Subramanian Swamy also had commented on Cauvery dispute and extended his regret for Karnataka. In a speech, he suggested that Tamil Nadu desalinate sea water and resolve the matter.