Yet another incident of stray dog attack has been reported from Kerala. An elderly man was mauled to death by a pack of strays at Mamam, in Attingal near Thiruvananthapuram. 

The deceased is identified as Kunjikrishnan of Charuvila House, Kattinpuram. The partially eaten body of the 85-year-old was recovered from a paddy field near to his house. He was missing since last night. 

There were injuries on his shoulders and neck, and the parts of his face and hands were bitten off by strays. 

The man had left house home in the morning to get a haircut. After he had failed to reach home in the evening, the relatives started searching for him in the locality. They recovered the body by late night, the police said. 

Reportedly, when the search team found the body when it was being eaten by the dogs. The dogs tried to attack the search team before being chased away. 

Kunjikrishnan was attacked on the way to home, but local people said not a single incident of stray dog attack was reported from the area. 

Stray dog attacks is an alarming issue in Kerala. Last year, four persons were killed in stray attacks and state witnessed incidents of mass killings of dogs.