Another young man, who had close links with the those who left the country in suspicious circumstances, has been reported missing from Kasargod, raising doubts that he might also have crossed the border to join the terror outfit Islamic State (ISIS).


Relatives of Abdulla, 24, a native of Adur, filed a complained saying that he went missing four months back and there was no information from him since then. 

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  Abdulla used to leave home often to attend religious classes and would return only after three to four months. When he left home four months back, relatives expected him to come back as usual. Later, they realised that Abdulla had connections with Dr. Ejas and others who left the country allegedly to join the ISIS. They also came to know that Abdulla used to attend their classes. Growing suspicious over his long absence, relatives filed a complaint with the police on Monday. 

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A team led by Kanhangad DySP is investigating nine cases of man missing from Kasargod district that are allegedly linked to the Islamic terror group. As many as 17 persons, including women and children, have suspiciously gone missing from Kerala in the past few months and the investigators suspect that they must have landed in areas under the ISIS.

There are conflicting reports on the whereabouts of the Keralites missing. Some say that they have reached Syria via Iran, while some others contest that they must have landed in Afghanistan. Some of the messages sent by the missing persons to their relatives suggest that they have landed in a 'peaceful land where Islam is practiced in its true sense.' 

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A special team probing man missing cases will investigate the complaint filed by relatives of Abdulla. The National Investigation Agency is also after the 17 Keralites who crossed the country in suspicious circumstances. The police team had arrested a close aide of controversial Islamic televangelist Zakir Naik in connection with the alleged "ISIS recruitment" from Kerala.