The ISIS recruits from Kerala who are suspected to be in the training camps of the Islamic Terrorist group in Afghan province of Nangarhar have not changed their minds, even after the death of two fellow recruits in the US drone strikes in the past few months.


Another brother martyred and we are waiting to follow him, read a message from the ISIS recruits from Padanna in Kasargod. When the relatives in Kasargod urged them to return, the ISIS recruits snubbed them. It's utter foolishness to return home, they replied.

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Relatives of Murshid Mohammed, a native of Padanna, received information of his death in US drone strikes the other day. The exact date of the death is unknown. In February Hafeesudeen, another ISIS recruit from Padanna had been killed in US attack.


 Malayalees in ISIS camps in Afghanistan include 22 people who went missing from Kasargod and Palakkad last year.  The NIA has been continuously tracking the digital footprints of the suspected Malayalee ISIS recruits. After the death of two ISIS recruits from Kerala in US drone strikes, the NIA sleuths are likely to visit Afghanistan to collect more evidence of the Malayalee presence in Nangarhar Province.