Couples who frequent public places like Lalbagh and Cubbon Park to share some moments of togetherness, now need to be extra vigilant as there have been instances where drunkards and thugs are stealthily photographing them romancing. These anti-social elements are then harassing unsuspecting couples by threatening to uploads pictures and videos of them on social networking forums and other indecent websites. Despite the police being alerted to these occurrences and their monitoring, these men are still continuing with their blackmailing and photography.


A police official at the Siddapura police station has said that with many couples frequenting these parks, few anti-social elements have begun to exploit the situation. 



"The hoodlums and drunkards roam around these parks, shoot photos and videos of couple pecking and kissing and harass them. Although there is information about such elements thriving, no official complaints have been registered. The couple fear public shame and keep quiet," he said. The 300-acre Lalbagh Park comes under this station.



Venkatesh, a regular visitor to Lalbagh claims that he has seen two persons moving around a young couple seated behind a tree. He saw how a teary-eyed girl was pleading these men for forgiveness and to excuse them. When Venkatesh intervened, the two suspicious-looking men and the couple left the place. "I suspect that couples might have been harassed for romancing," he said. 



Cubbon Park, became infamous last year when a 35-year-old woman was raped in the compound. Following that incident, the number of security personnel deployed in the area has been increased.



"The public display of affection like kissing in public is an offence. Here no such incidents have come to light, however, we cannot rule out these reports about people taking pictures of couple romancing. The couples coming here need to be careful about their actions as this is a public place and among them there could be few who may shoot and upload the images on social networking sites," said a police from Cubbon Park limits.