A CCTV footage showing a burqa-clad girl being assaulted in Bengaluru took the country by storm, coming as it did right on the heels of a similar CCTV molestation footage and the mass molestation in the city on New Year's Eve.


In the video, a man is seen strolling about the area, then following a woman who crosses the camera's view. Out of focus a small scuffle ensues, and the woman comes away with a few minor injuries, and the man flees.


However, this particular incident in HBR Layout has been proven to be a hoax, part of a bizarre plan by two lovers to overcome their family's objections and get married.


Irshad Khan (34), a marketing executive, got married six years ago and was staying in HBR layout along with his wife and daughter. His wife’s sister was also living nearby along with her mother. She used to visit her sister’s house frequently, and Irshad also used to come to her house to meet to his mother-in-law.


The two quickly got into a relationship. But the mother refused to consent to her second daughter also marrying Irshad.


Then Irshad plotted a story of sexual assault, inspired by the Kammana Halli incident on December 31.


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One day before the 'incident', he studied the entire locality and found a CCTV camera in a shop in HBR layout. Early morning the next day, as per his plan, he first walked by the surveillance camera. Then his wife’s sister also walked by the camera like a regular pedestrian on her way.


Irshad then followed her to a dark spot located outside the focus of the camera, where the girl injured her lips, tongue and hands as per his instructions.


Later, Irshad covered his face with a jerkin and returned near the camera to make the police believe that he was returning after assaulting the girl sexually.


The next day, Irshad began an intense drama. He admitted the girl to a private hospital and spread the news that she had been sexually assaulted. Later, he made phone calls to citizen’s forums and organisations and requested them to protest against this assault. He approached the shop owner where the incident took place and took a copy of the surveillance footage and filed a complaint at the police station.


Irshad believed that no one would come forward to marry his wife's sister if the girl had a sexual assault case to her name.


What he failed to realise, and which turned out to a clincher in the case - there was a second camera, which Irshad never noticed, and whose footage told an entirely different story.


How the police caught him?


• There was another surveillance camera next to that shop which was not observed by Irshad. In that camera, the girl is seen speaking to the man and making wounds on her own body.

• The police confiscated the mobile phone of the girl and were shocked to discover that Irshad had made more than 100 phone calls in three days.

• The police found some tampering and editing in the submitted CCTV footage.

• During the investigation, the neighbours informed the cops about the affair between the two.

• The girl's office timings are from 10 am to 6 pm. But on that particular day, the girl went to work at 6.30 am. She had no explanation for why she was going so early.

• The police, with a Handycam of their own, secretly recorded the walking style of Irshad. He limps a little while walking. They compared the walking style with the CCTV footage and confirmed the similarity.

• In a raid, the police found a jerkin in Irshad's house and confirmed that it was the same jerkin as was seen in the CCTV.


Thus the cops arrested Irshad and interrogated him. Eventually, he confessed to the hoax. The girl also confessed. Now the police are speaking with legal experts to take action against the girl who tried to derail the investigation.