The death of two siblings due to viral fever in Changaroth in Kozhikode within two weeks had the health department stating there is nothing to worry.

However, there is a message that began spreading through social media about this particular virus, allegedly found in places like Kadiyangad, Kuttiyadi, and Perambra areas in the district and that special care should be given to the patients. Otherwise, the patient can die. 

There is a possible outbreak of fatal encephalitis syndrome identified in Calicut. There have been reports of a viral encephalitis syndrome suspected to be Nipah Virus, causing an epidemic in Calicut. The mortality rate has been quite high - more than 50%. 

The virus is presumably spread from person to person through contact and droplets. Hence, strict adherence to Standard Precautions with all febrile patients in OP and ED, and isolating patients with acute encephalitis with Contact, Droplet Isolation precautions are advised.