With only months left for India to host FIFA U-17 World Cup, a team of 21 members were asked to scan six accredited venues in the country, but Kochi failed to impress them. Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium in Kochi  has come short in making arrangements for hosting matches. 

"A lot of work is yet to finish. The fire systems, media box, the seats, a lot remains to be done. The authorities have failed to finish the works on time and we have set up a new deadline to finish the works. They are lacking far behind," FIFA head of tournaments Jaime Yarza said. 

The inspection team was however happy with the training grounds and sanitation facilities in the stadium. But the team was not happy with so many shops, functioning in the premises of the stadium. Though they held discussions about the closure of shops, stadium authorities, they failed to come to a decision. 

"From the beginning itself, we wanted to close the stores as access by unauthorised people cannot be allowed entry. It will be difficult for us to manage security if people are allowed access to these stores," he said.

It has been decided that only six matches of the preliminary rounds and a quarter final on October 22 will be held here. The final will be held on October 28 in Kolkata.