Recently BS Yeddyurappa, state president of BJP alleged that CM Siddaramaiah has sent ₹ 1000 crores to the high command. Responding to this CM challenged him to prove his allegation or get retirement from politics.


Yeddyurappa had said that Enforcement Directorate had seized a diary from Govindaraju’s house, which contained the details of kick back money. Responding to Yeddyurappa’s allegation Higher Educational Minister Basavaraja Rayareddy questioned about the credibility of his allegation. “Revealing the information of IT raid to a third person is a violation of IT law u/s 138 of IT Act. Now we want to know from where Yeddyurappa got this information?” he asked.


Health Minister KR Rameshkumar asked “Is IT department a wing of BJP? or when did Yeddyurappa join IT department?”


“Siddaramaiah has not given kick back to the high command. If at all he has given, then we’ll not allow him to remain in the power for a single minute” – KR Ramesh Kumar, Health Minister


However Yeddyurappa has not given any documentary evidence to his allegations so far. But now Yeddyurappa himself has fallen into the trap which he laid for his political rivals. A video record of his conversation with Union Minister Ananthakumar, has revealed that even state BJP leaders also have sent kick back to their high command.


Congress leaders have urged PM Narendra Modi to conduct a judicial enquiry against BJP. Water Resources Minister MB Patil, MLC VS Ugrappa released the CD to the media on Monday.


Reacting to the release of this Video BJP state spokesman G Madhusudan said that the congress leaders have tampered the video and have released it to the media.


What is there in the CD?

The CD is a one minute conversation between Yeddyurappa and Ananthakumar. They both had shared the stage in the executive committee meeting of BJP that was held on Sunday, February 12, in Bengaluru. They both were busy in their conversation while DV Sadhananda Gowda was giving speech. Here is the full version of the conversation:

Ananthakumar: CM has said that they have also given kick back, likewise I’ve also given the kick back to our high command.

Yeddyurappa: (laughs)

Ananthakumar: He told me that you have given kick back to the high command when you were in power. likewise I’ve also given. But not thousands of crores.

Yeddyurappa: ...

Ananthakumar: This means he has agreed that he has given.

Yeddyurappa: Will any one write down how much money he has given?

(both laugh)

Ananthakumar: No one believes if someone says that CM has not given kick back to the high command.

Yeddyurappa: Let the diary come out

Ananthakumar: Let them continue to give explanation to people till the election approach (both laugh)