It is official, the state of Kerala is facing its worst drought in 115 years, and Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA) has already warned the state government to be prepared for difficult times ahead. It is ironic that Kerala happens to be one of the greenest states in India known for its water bodies but currently, the state is facing the dangers of the drought situation.


As a precautionary measure,  for the first time, the Kerala government might impose water rationing on households as well as industries that has been recommended by KSDMA. Also, in three districts irrigation has already been suspended.


This year, Kerala received less rainfall during July to September caused by South West Monsoon, and during October and December the winds due to North West Monsoon are the reasons for this climatic situation in the state. 


In October, the state government declares Kerala as a drought-hit state, and now state machinery is trying to work out plans to mitigate the damages that can be caused by the drought. 


Before this year, it was in 2012 when this state witnessed severe drought. However, this year's drought is way severe than the drought of 2012 as the state witnessed record-breaking low rainfalls. Since the Meteorological Department has predicted that the state might not see rain in the first quarter of next, the state will face tough days ahead.


As a result of this drought situation, the state will witness heat wave and extreme weather condition that will make life difficult for the people of the state. Also, harvesting will be hugely impacted due to the drought. The weather conditions will also cause damage to this state's tourism industry. 


In short, the next few months will be difficult for the people and the state government of Kerala and a whole lot of measures and scheme might be imposed to reduce the impact of this drought.