The Railways has decided not to slap fines on minors who violate rules on railway premises or in train. The order was issued in the wake of a recommendation from the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KeSCPCR).

The new order states that from now on erring minors would not be fined and instead they would be produced before the Juvenile Justice Board in concerned district. KeSCPCR had made the recommendation three months ago. 

The Commission decided to interfere in the matter following media reports that Railways slapped fines on students for boarding super fast trains and travelling in reserve compartments using season tickets.

"Students board super fast trains when the trains they used to travel got delayed or when there is heavy rush in unreserved compartments. Hence, getting into reserved compartments cannot be considered as a deliberate attempt to violate the rules," KeSCPCR advocate K Naseer Chaliyam said.

He also said that students were often compelled to board super fast trains as passenger trains often run late.

"It can be said that the Railways they are primarily responsible for violating. If the passenger trains are on time the students don't have to get into superfasts. Railways also cut short unreserved coaches without prior notice and this makes it crowded.," a student said.