Political attacks once again hit Kannur district of Kerala. BJP and CPM workers were attacked. Both the party workers are hospitalised. The attack occurred on May 22nd morning at Payyanur. CPM activist Shinu, who was earlier with the BJP, was assaulted on the streets. The CPM alleges that a BJP gang came in a car and attacked Shinu. 


Soon after this attack, the second attack took place in the district,  allegedly victimising BJP activist, Ranjith. BJP alleges that CPM party members have carried out this attack. Steel bombs were found near BJP mandalam committee office following the attack against the workers. A vast number of police officers are camping in the BJP office and surrounding places to avoid more attacks.


Earlier this month, two party workers were also hacked to death. It has become a trend in Kannur, with political attacks and assassinations becoming the norm. In the nearby district of Kozhikode, people are dying due to Nipah virus, and here people themselves are attacking others for political reasons. 

If necessary action is not in place, then these situations will increase too.