Scripting a success saga in producing safe vegetables and providing it to the public at an affordable price, police stations in Kerala are joining the efforts to create a culture of organic farming in the state. The initiative is part of Green police station project of state government. 


 Police stations in Kerala are being converted to people, and environment-friendly and organic farming project was implemented as part of government's 'Haritha Keralam' initiative. The police officers are more than happy to tend to the vegetable garden adjacent to their office. Most of them consider it as part of duty itself. "I feel very proud that we were able to produce 100% organic vegetables in out garden," Mulavukadu police station sub-inspector P R Sunu said. 


The initiative began in November and police personnel are growing over 27 varieties of vegetables in a plot adjacent to their office. "Our station is situated in a 10-cent plot. The panchayat officials helped us get a nearby plot which is 25-cents. We converted the wasteland into a beautiful vegetable garden within months," he said. 


The officers find it a good means to get rid of their daily tension as well. "Our job is highly demanding and gives us lots of stress. Farming is an excellent means to get away from all such issues," Sunu said. 

The officials even managed to grow not so popular vegetables like the carrot - which usually grow in cold temperature. The produce is not for commercial sale, but the officers won't stop anyone from taking away the produce.