Kerala’s Minister for Forest and Animal Husbandry K Raju, on Friday, said the state government has decided to restrict the parading of elephants at temples and other occasions. 


"The state government feels it necessary to impose certain restrictions in the use of elephants at parades," the minister told reporters.


General guidelines and conditions to be followed while using elephants in festivals and other functions will be formulated soon. The government will also make sure that the owners of domestic elephants have a suitable license, the minister said. 


Another priority for the government is to preserve and protect the forest areas in the state and the government will take all necessary measures to prevent forest encroachment. An initiative is to finish solar fencing to prevent man-animal conflict in fringe areas is also in the offing, added the Minister.  



"The government will earmark funds in the state budget to ensure the completion of solar fencing in fringe areas," Raju said.


The LDF government is also planning to produce a rabies vaccine in the state at the Biological Institute and Rabies Vaccine at Palode in Thiruvananthapuram. The government aims to start a rabies vaccine production within three years, he said. 



The minister added that the government would take necessary steps to ensure the state becomes self-sufficient in milk production.