Kerala Cyber Warriors strikes again: hacks into online job portal

Kerala Cyber Warriors hacks into online job portal

  • Kerala Cyber Warriors have defaced the job portal
  • They said the portal was charging clients for fraudulent interviews
  • Representatives of job portal said it is a publicity stunt of hackers

After an attack on Facebook pages dealing with child porn and revenge porn, Kerala Cyber Warriors, the hackers from the state, are back. This time, they have targeted fake job portals. 

The group has already defaced, which they allege to be a fraudulent website. The hackers also leaked the details and claimed that at times monthly traction to the website reached up to 3.6 crores. Once the traction was 6.4 crore, they claimed to reveal the details on their Facebook page. 

"Though the website looks genuine, jobs listed in it are dubious. They would call job seekers, signing up on the portal, under the pretext of company representative and ask to pay ₹5,000 to ₹7,000 as charges towards the interview. Two hackers, GH057_R007x and Forbidden Hacxer, both belonging to Kerala Cyber Warriors, have posted a mirror site of hacked website. They hacked the website after receiving complaints about fraud," the hackers posted on Facebook. The group has also provided several complaints, filed by job seekers on the internet, against the portal, as evidence. 

"We reviewed about the service provided by the portal and found that they were committing fraud. On hacking the website, we found logs of bank transactions. The victims must move legally against the job portal and claim their money back," the Facebook post read. 

However, the representatives of job portal said the hackers are doing this for publicity, and they are genuine. "We are not involved in malpractice as claimed by hackers. They are doing this for publicity. It is true that there were some disputes, but we have settled all of them. We have proof," the representative told Deccan Chronicle. 

He also said they have filed a complaint with the legal department and is awaiting the response.