Sanil booked an Air India Express flight to Thiruvananthapuram for Tuesday, at 8.45 pm and a return flight for Wednesday night. He started from Al Ain to Sharjah by 5 pm after dropping his wife to the office. But once he reached Sajja things turned bad for him. 

"It was a long queue of vehicles, and I didn't know what to do. Minutes before that I was at ease, thinking that I could reach the airport on time. The flight was at 8.45pm, and the check-in counter was about to be closed by 7.30. I thought I would reach the airport before 7 pm," said Mathew.
Shibu was on an emergency trip to India and was worried about the time. With no options left he called an emergency number he saw behind another vehicle.

"I was in a desperate situation. I dialled 999 after seeing a vehicle in front which had the number written on it, asking to call in case of emergency. I even didn't know to explain my exact location. Instead, I gave the details of my vehicle and my phone number."

The Sharjah police swung into action. Their patrol vehicle reached his spot within 15 minutes. After checking his travel documents, the police asked him to follow their vehicle. They took the hard shoulder to the airport. 

Another policeman at the airport rushed Sanil through the already closed check-in counter and took him to the immigration counter. He was able to board the Kerala bound flight on time. He says that he will never forget the generosity of the Sharjah police.

Commenting on the incident, Brigadier Saif Mohammad Al Ziri Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of the Sharjah Police, said that Sharjah Police officials would remain devoted to helping the needy and provide quality services to people.