This Catholic bishop from Kerala did not mince words when he urged believers to 'go forth and multiply' and strive for a 'larger Christian family.' Take it as a mission and keep breeding, he exhorted.


"Men and women, keep breeding until you lose your fertility. Bring as many children as possible to this world. Shun all family planning measures," these are from the latest pastoral letter by Mathew Anikkuzhikkattil, Idukki Bishop of Syro Malabar Church.  


'Utter misery awaits those who adopt temporary or permanent birth control measures,' the pastoral letter warned. 


The Bishop urged Christian families to take up the task of expanding the size of their families in a competitive spirit. He also slammed the proponents of family planning as 'arrogant and selfish.' 


The clamour for family planning is louder than the demand for sterilisation of wild pigs and stray dogs. These selfish people think that no one should live here after them, the letter said. Luxury and erosion of faith are the main reasons that prompt many couples from having children, it added. 


Anikkuzhikkattil had stirred a controversy last year by urging believers to shun inter-caste marriages. "Inter-caste marriages will spoil the purity  of Christianity," he had stated.