The marriage of popular Malayalam actor Kavya Madhavan and Dileep had caused quite a stir on social media. A series of allegations started floating on the internet and some even went to the extent to call Kavya a 'home-breaker' and Dileep a 'sexist'. 

Fed up with trolls and abusive comments, Kavya Madhavan has filed a complaint with Kochi City Police seeking an inquiry. The actor alleged that a number of derogatory comments were posted on the official Facebook page of her design venture Lakshyah. In her complaint, she also mentioned the names of Facebook users who had harassed her the most on social media. 

The actor has complained that the comments were extremely derogatory in nature and mostly directed against her marriage. Requesting a detailed inquiry, she said the character assassination is causing great mental trauma to her. The case will be filed under provisions of defamation and provisions of IT Act, a police officer said. 

Kavya was fighting a lone battle against attacks on social media for few years, but they intensified after she got married to Dileep on November 25. Her social media profile flooded with verbal abuses and hate messages and she was held responsible for breaking the 17-year marriage of Dileep and Manju Warrier. 

This is not the first time that Kavya had to approach police to fight online attacks. Lat year police arrested a person for running a fake Facebook profile under her name and during the probe it was found that there were 12 more fake profiles in her name. 

This is not the first time that actors have been pulled down on social media. Recently, supporters of Tamil sports Jallikattu attacked and harassed Kollywood actor Trisha Krishnan merely for the fact that she supports animal rights organisation PETA. However, the actor, instead of approaching police, clarified through a series of tweets that she had never spoken against the sport and later deleted her Twitter account. 

Similarly, Actor Khushboo too was embroiled in controversy after her remark on the need for protected sex and AIDS awareness.