Karnataka, which is already embroiled in a legal battle with Tamil Nadu over Cauvery river water sharing, has found some release after the Krishna Water Tribunal directed the state does not to release water to Telangana.


The tribunal instead asked Telangana to solve the water sharing issue with Andhra Pradesh.


It has instructed Karnataka and Telangana to maintain the order issued in 2013.     


Telangana was carved out of Andhra Pradesh as a new state in 2013. Soon after it was declared an independent state, Telangana filed an appeal with the Cauvery Tribunal under Section 89 of Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act requesting the tribunal to revise its share of water.


It had asked that Karnataka should release additional water from Krishna River.


The tribunal on Wednesday rejected the appeal and said reallocation of water is not necessary between four states (Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana). Even the Union government in its affidavit had said that the reallocation should happen only between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.


A total of 1,005 TMC water was allocated to Andhra Pradesh in the order issued in 2013. The tribunal had clearly instructed to share the water between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana out of the already allotted quantum of water. Consequently, both the states, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, may question the award of the tribunal in the Supreme Court.


However, the current award of the tribunal as well as the affidavit of the Union government is in favour of Karnataka. 


Bachawat commission in its report has fixed water-sharing between the corresponding states. According to the Commission, Karnataka will have 907 TMC; Maharashtra will have 666 TMC, and Andhra Pradesh will have 1005 TMC from Krishna River.