Minister Meti met Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, this morning and tendered his resignation.


RTI worker Rajashekhar had released the CD to the media. The video which runs for 36 minute 10 seconds has scenes of Meti in a compromising position with a woman.


The woman allegedly now has told the press that the allegations were false.



Karnataka Excise Minister Hullappa Yamanappa Meti allegedly sought sexual favours from a woman seeking his help for a transfer.


The excise minister allegedly misbehaved with a female government lady in his office. According to Rajashekhar Mulali, an RTI worker, government employee Vijayalakshmi had gone to Meti for a transfer.


At that time Meti misbehaved with the woman and sought sex favours from her. Mulali has said that he has got a video clip of Meti, misbehaving with the lady. However he has not released the video clip so far.


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The minister remained unreachable the entire Sunday morning, only to reappear in the evening. In a press conference, he said  that the allegations levelled against him were baseless. Even Vijayalakshmi told the media that Meti treated her like a daughter.


RTI activist Rajashekhar, however, has released an audio clip of a conversation which took place between him and a supporter of Meti. In the audio clip the supporter of the minister asks Rajashekhar not to release the video and offers money.


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When Rajashekhar refuses to his lures he threatens Rajsahekhar saying that he’ll not be held responsible if anything happens to him or to his family.


Meti has said that he’s not going to file any defamation case against anyone since he doesn’t know Rajashekhara Mulali.


Meanwhile, Meti has appealed in the session court in Bengaluru for the issuance of an interim stay on the channels asking not to telecast any news reports or videos till the case has been officially probed.


Police have given tight protection to the residence of Meti since yesterday, as soon as the news spread in the electronic media. 


Now the Gandhinagar Police of Ballari district have served a notice to Rajashekhara Mulali. In the notice they have asked some clarifications to Mulali. Besides, they have given protection to him also. Two cops are deputed for his protection.