The Karnataka government has decided to provide subsidies for films beings shot in tourists spots in the state. The decision has been taken to encourage and promote tourism in Karnataka.

The cabinet has given its assent, after a meeting held under the leadership of chief minister HD Kumaraswamy, to the bill to encourage tourism through films.

The films with a minimum of Rs five crore budget shooting in at least three of the 319 identified by the government in its Tourism Policy 2015-20202 will receive anywhere between Rs 1 crore to Rs 2.5 crore subsidy from the tourism department. Through this the tourism department aims at attracting more tourists to make this sector a profitable one.

Speaking to media after the cabinet meeting, minister for law, Krishna Byre Gowda said that showing tourist places in movies will increase footfalls in these regions.

Reports state that the amount of subsidy will be decided on how well the movie has fared in the evaluation by a committee. Movies scoring above 90 out of 100 points will receive an incentive of up to Rs 2.5 crores and the ones who score between 75 and 90 points will get up to Rs 1 crore.The government would like to provide this incentive to at least 8 films. With Rs 12.5 crore allocated towards this initiative, the government aims to provide this incentive to at least three films scoring above 90 points and five films scoring between 75 and 90 points.

"Movies are also a medium of advertisement. We have decided to make use of it effectively. This is also expected to bring profit to the government. It is proved that after watching the scenes shot in Europe in Hindi movies, the number of people visiting Europe has increased considerably. In fact, directors and producers of various other languages too have chosen it as the location for shooting," said minister Krishna Byre Gowda.